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the unusual world of humans
well, well, well. here I am again on another day of fun in the human world. I have recently talked to my sisters alter ego (who is none other than the archangel Gabriel). in my normal half sleep we have recently come across a problem. there is a human being bothered by a dragon who does not deserve the rank of elder. he has been corrupting the human and forcing his primal instincts to runn amock. I personally will not stand for it. so Gabriel and I have decided to take matters into our own hands. I being a former and continuing master dragon elder since the begining of time, have every right to distroy him. but I would rather see what athiena and gabriel do to stop him. in a few hours I will get hold of him and put him in his place if need be. but until then I use my fate coins to perform I-Ching and help twist fate in the process. but like always once I'm finished I will continue to be the silent observer I have been. this is one of the only reasons why I have lasted so long on this planet. I have to leave for now to sleep upside down in the sun. I have to rid myself of this fever before I can continue in my draconic duities or at least the ones that require my full strength. I hope to speek to you soon. until then, may the stars watch over you my friends... always.


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